Piano Lessons

Playing the piano encourages creativity

Whether you want to play like Beethovan or Billy Joel, SC Music Place is the musical “key” place to be.

We introduce and develop the fundamentals of sight reading, technique and basic theory while incorporating each student’s favorite songs into lessons that help with goal development and the establishment of individual style.

Available to those five years old and older, students will have fun in a relaxing atmosphere while enjoying the many benefits associated with learning to play the piano.

From improved counting and math skills to stronger reading comprehension capabilities, experts believe pianists strengthen many desirable skills.

For example, research indicates that playing the piano encourages creativity, contributes to time management and organizational skills, and teaches concentration, discipline and patience while also strengthening hand muscles and hand-eye coordination.

All of this can also lead to a boost in self-esteem.

We offer in-person or online group and individual lessons in English and Spanish that allow students to learn within their own skill levels. In addition, students are encouraged to participate in our once-per-semester recitals to showcase their progression.