Percussion Lessons

Relaxing environment for a percussionist

There’s much more to the art of drumming than simply hitting things with sticks; however, that part is fun too and at SC Music Place, learning while having a good time is really what it’s all about.

From sticking techniques to rudiments, rhythms and music reading, our percussion students develop invaluable skills while working on a practice pad, snare drum and even a complete drum set. In short, students have fun in a relaxing atmosphere while enjoying the many benefits associated with being a percussionist.

Playing the drums can help relieve frustration, disappointment and stress. As with many other types of musical training, it can also help increase academic performance.

Because drummers learn to use multiple limbs simultaneously, research has shown the specialized stimulation can help boost brain power.

Improved communication skills and enhanced confidence are also associated with learning to play the drums.

Students even have the opportunity to participate in our once-per-semester recitals to showcase their skills and progression because after all, we know drummers like to show off!