Shelly Hayes


I am so grateful to Sandra for teaching my granddaughter, Naomi voice lessons. Starting out she was very shy with low self confidence but the progress within a couple of months is incredible! Sandra has such an amazing gift of connecting with children and to see how she has bloomed becoming so comfortable, outgoing, confident and singing so beautifully straight from her heart. You have truly been a gift and blessing in our lives. My grandson, Andrew 9 years old, a year older than Naomi, he has been taking drum lessons with your instructor Greg Seiter and loves it. In the beginning he was apprehensive but after his first lesson, he had great interest! He becomes bored easily but Greg kept his interest explaining things on his level with such kindness and very patient teaching him. Andrew is doing so well that he will be playing the drums for the upcoming concert on March 11th. He is so excited; we hear about the concert every day. This is the most interest he has showed out of everything he has tried, sports etc. Thank you for adding so much joy and happiness to their lives.